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The SMTP IPv4 DNS Block List
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Is my email server listed?
You can find out, here are some simple well known online sites that allow you to search multiple lists simultaneously:
    1. http://multirbl.valli.org
    2. http://justspam.org
    3. http://unifiedemail.net
    4. http://unlocktheinbox.com

If you do find that your IP is listed on V4BL and would like for it to be removed, first review your RDNS record via any public DNS server.
If you find that your RDNS record does not match your email servers HELO/EHLO string, STOP! Save yourself some time and update the RDNS first.

If you are unsure about the EHLO/HELO string being used, you can choose the "Test by sending an email" option and press "send" for emailing instructions.

To request delisting, you may do so via email only (be sure to include the IP address) - please visit our contact page.

Why is rDNS (Reverse DNS) important in stopping SPAM?
E-mail server basic setup steps

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